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  • Naomi Harris

What is a Digital Payment Card? | Benefits of Digital Payments | Digital Prepaid Card App

At ImageNPay we only issue 100% digital (virtual) prepaid cards. But what exactly is a digital card and how does it differ from the other payment cards on the market?

What is a Digital Payment Card?

A digital card is a payment card that isn't connected to a physical card. You can use it in the same way as traditional credit and debit cards but without the need for a physical card to pay with.

Where can I pay with a Digital Card?

Our digital card can be used to pay online or in-store! When shopping online, just enter your virtual card details when you check out online. To use your digital prepaid card in-store, just connect your ImageNPay prepaid card to Apple Pay or Google Pay to add it to your phone's digital wallet. Then you can tap and pay with your phone wherever you see the contactless symbol and Mastercard payments are accepted. Find out more about contactless payments here.

What are the Benefits of Using a Digital Card?

Considering you can use a digital card to pay online and in-store just like a credit or debit card, why switch to digital payments? Here are the two key benefits of using a digital card to pay...

1) Digital payments are more secure

Using a digital card helps give your finances extra security. For one, you are less likely to lose your card or have it stolen as you don't have a physical payment card. Also, you control every aspect of your ImageNPay digital card via our app (available on both iOS and Android) which is PIN code protected. To access your ImageNPay card, you need to unlock both your mobile device and the ImageNPay app. This gives an extra layer of protection to your virtual payment card.

2) Reduce your plastic footprint

Another benefit of using a virtual card is that you have no need for a physical payment card which means your payments are 100% plastic-free! Plastic payment cards have a huge negative impact on the planet. With 22 billion payment cards currently in circulation, that's a lot of toxic un-recyclable plastic waste.

This is why at ImageNPay we wanted to create a plastic-free payments future. We will never issue you a plastic card so you can enjoy a zero plastic payments experience with ImageNPay! You can access the same features (and more!) of a debit or credit card with our digital prepaid card and customise your digital card with images that reflect your love for the planet. Find out more about our sustainability commitments here.

Try our digital prepaid card for FREE!

ImageNPay is a digital prepaid card app that aims to make payments more fun, sustainable and secure!

With our app, you can customise your digital prepaid card from 70+ FREE images and animations, monitor your transactions through our in-app budgeting tools, pay safely and securely with prepaid payments online and in-store AND switch to 100% plastic-free payments!

The ImageNPay app is FREE to download and test - explore our app and card designs for free before signing up for our monthly subscription!


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