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  • Naomi Harris

Benefits of a Prepaid Card - Part 2 | How a Prepaid Card Keeps Your Money Secure | Prepaid Payments

A prepaid card is a payment card that you pre-load with money to use to pay online and in-store. This distinction to a credit or debit card means there are unique ways that a prepaid card can help keep your money safe!

In part two of our Prepaid Card Benefits series we're highlighting how a prepaid card is safer and more secure to shop with, ensuring that your finances stay protected.

How does a prepaid card help keep your money safe and secure?

The ImageNPay digital prepaid card app is designed to make managing your money easier AND safer! By using a prepaid payment card you shop with peace of mind.

1) Prepaid payments are more secure

One of the main ways a prepaid card keeps your money safe is that it's not connected to your main bank account. As you load a prepaid card with money to spend, your account details are kept hidden whenever you pay online or in-store. This helps protect your card from fraud and ensures your finances remain secure.

At ImageNPay we only issue prepaid cards. We believe in the power of prepaid payments to make budgeting your money easier and shopping safer. You can easily top-up your ImageNPay prepaid card in-app via your debit card or bank transfer in minutes!

2) Freeze your card

Even though using a prepaid card is more secure than debit or credit, there is the possibility for your card details to be compromised. To help protect your account, you have the option to 'freeze' your card. This is when you hit 'pause' on your account meaning that your card cannot be used to pay for anything online or in-store whilst you determine whether your card details have been compromised or not.

If you are concerned about the security of your ImageNPay card you can freeze your prepaid card easily in seconds within our app to ensure nobody other than yourself uses your card to pay. You can un-freeze your card in-app once it's safe to do so.

Go to "My Card" -> "Card Details" to freeze your card

3) 100% digital

As an extra bonus the ImageNPay prepaid card is also 100% digital! This helps protect your payment card even further. For one, you are less likely to lose your card or have it stolen as you don't have a physical version. Also, you control every aspect of your ImageNPay prepaid card via our app (available on both iOS and Android) which is PIN code protected. To access your ImageNPay card, you need to unlock both your mobile device and the ImageNPay app. This gives an extra layer of protection to your payment card.

Even though the ImageNPay card is 100% digital you can still use it to shop in-store. Our prepaid card is compatible with both Apple Pay and Google Pay so you can add your ImageNPay card to your digital wallet to pay in-store wherever Mastercard contactless payments are accepted! Find out how to add your ImageNPay card to your digital wallet here.

Want to switch to a prepaid card?

ImageNPay is a digital prepaid card app designed to make payments more fun, sustainable and secure!

With our app, you can personalise your digital prepaid card from 70+ FREE images and animations, track your payments through our in-app budgeting tools, pay safely and securely with prepaid payments online and instore (with Apple Pay and Google Pay) AND switch to a 100% plastic free payments card!

The ImageNPay app is FREE to download and test on iOS and Android. Download and explore our app and card designs for FREE, before signing up for our monthly subscription!


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